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Renault & Citroen Specialists

Engineering And Technology

In-House engineering facilities include:

  • Serdi Cylinder Head Machining
  • Magnaflux Crack Detection
  • Engine Balancing
  • Offset Crank Grinding
  • Surface Grinding
  • Pressure Testing

Most common works we undertake on engine components:

  • 4 Cylinder Crankshaft / Flywheel / Clutch Balancing
  • Balance Pistons (Set 4)                                                                                 
  • Check Block / Hone                                                                        
  • Cylinder  Head Facing                                                                                    
  • Face Clutch Pad                                                                                                 
  • Lighten & Balance Flywheel                                                                      
  • Lighten, Balance & Polish Rods (Set 4)                             
  • Polish Crank                                                                                                                           

Fully Modified Cylinder Heads:

  • Ported & Polished
  • Gas Flowed
  • Alter Compression Ratio
  • Optimise the combustion chamber by changing the compression ratio

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Machine Shop

We have the facilities to design and fabricate just about any part from wishbone to flywheel. Our in-house CNC machine shop is able to cater for the demands of maintaining and developing unique cars and engines. Allied with Laser scanning and processing technology the machine shop is able to create exact replications of parts from solid.


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Laser Scanning

Components that need to be reproduced are scanned using our 3D laser scanning equipment.
We are able to scan anything required, from a small engine component to
a complete vehicle. Accurate detailed scan data is produced.


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CAD Design

CAD models are generated from the scan data. This allows components to be manufactured using a variety of methods. Examples are CNC machining, investment casting, sand casting, body panel fixtures, pressings and rapid prototypes.


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Body Panel Fixtures

Whole cars are scanned, and the data is archived for use in the future.
If the car is damaged, then a fixture can be designed and manufactured
as required.


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3 and 4 Axis CNC Milling

Our machine shop can produce a variety of complex parts; examples of these include suspension, engine and chassis components. We specialize in one off parts, but also produce in volume when required.


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Pattern Design and Manufacture for Sand Casting

Casting patterns are designed from the component CAD model. They are machined in-house using our CNC equipment. We then use various foundries to produce castings in aluminium, cast iron, and magnesium.

This picture illustrates a gearbox bellhousing manufactures for Kit-Cars and Special Vehicles – Rear Wheel Drive. Mounts Ford Rocket or Type 9 Gearbox to Renault F7R / F4R and 5 GT Turbo type engine.


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Tool Design and Manufacture for Investment Casting

Aluminium tools are designed and manufactured in-house. These are used for investment casting.

A wax part is produced from the tool, this is shelled in ceramic and baked in an oven. The metal is then poured into the ceramic shell. When the metal cools, the ceramic is removed revealing a high quality, high definition part. This allows parts to be produced in high tensile steel. Examples are suspension components, steering arms, uprights and engine parts.


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