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Turbocharger or Supercharger? - Turbochargers are the answer!
The aftermarket age old question endures, I am looking to boost my engine, do I supercharge? This is not a quick answer, but lets look at some answers that make the turbocharger the most powerful and economical power adder for your engine.

More Versatile   So-called Lag

A turbocharger is equally appropriate whether your goal is a mild street application or an all out drag racer. A properly matched turbo can provide superb response and the ability to run boost levels that will push your limits.


Modern GT-series hi-flow wheels are smaller than ever to reduce inertia, and in combination with the ball bearing system give throttle response that has to be driven to be believed. Additionally a turbo’s smaller and more compact package allows for greater flexibility in installation locations.

More Efficient   More Durable

The turbo uses energy that is otherwise wasted through the tailpipe, where a Supercharger has high parasitic drag since the power to drive it comes off the crankshaft. Garrett’s modern GT-series compressor and turbine aerodynamics push the state of the art limit for stage efficiency and flow range.


A turbocharger only has one moving part, the rotating assembly. No pulleys, belts or geared transmissions. This makes for a less complicated device with fewer things to go wrong.

Information provided by Garrett Performance Products

GT Turbochargers   Gallery

The GT designation refers to Garrett’s state of the art turbocharger line. All GT Turbo’s use modern compressor and turbine aerodynamics, which represent huge efficiency improvements over the old T2, T3, T3/T4, T04 products. The net result is increased durability, higher boost, and more engine power over the old product line.


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