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It’s all about cars. Big cars, ugly cars, red cars, lowered cars. With 1 thing in common. Koni Shocks. Koni Sport Kit. Adjustable shock absorbers. For cars that are more fun. Have fun. Fit Koni

Koni is the shock absorber expert with the worldwide reputation for quality performance and unrivalled lifetime. Not without reason. Koni is specialised in one particular product: the shock absorber. Koni’s aim is producing the perfect shock absorber with superb road performance for any specific application.

A non-compromise philosophy, which produces results. Not only reputable car manufacturers for Koni, but large company fleet and transport operators, bus companies, public transport, emergency services, the army and many more follow their example. Even the fastest, most advanced passenger trains are equipped with Koni. In the racing world too, Koni has a strong reputation with more than 50 years of experience at top level.

When choice really matters, experts everywhere choose Koni. Such a reputation carries a great responsibility: you can always rely on Koni.

Sport   Sport Kits 1130

For Sporty Use

Koni provide sporting drivers with a carefully design range of sport shock absorbers. This line focuses on exceptional road holding combined with an acceptable level of comfort.

Its characteristics include responsive steering, reduced body-roll and limited body movements. Externally adjustable shock absorbers make fine tuning easier.

Sport Short for lowered cars These shorter sport shocks offer the same exceptional road-holding as the sport shocks, but are especially designed for cars that are fitted with lowering springs, which are shorter that the original springs.

Looks & Lowering

The Koni Sport Kit consist of four adjustable Koni Sport shocks and bright blue, progressive Koni lowering springs that were carefully tested and matched for each individual car to give you the best possible performance.

The New Koni Sport Kits deliver a car lowering up to 45mm, giving your car the aggressive sportive appearance you were looking for. At the same time it gives you unrivalled, razor edge handling performance, sublime car reaction to steering input and considerable reduction in dynamic vehicle roll. Most of the dampers are externally adjustable to allow even further optimisation to your individual needs.

STR.T   Sport Kits 1150

Ready 4 STR.T

Ready for the road? For curves? For adrenalin? For fiercely defined ideal lines and every amount of centrifugal force? We know what excited you. With our international first, the SRT.T kit, we give everyone the ultimate road feeling of a Koni sport chassis – the quick and easy way.

Even when driving conditions are pushed to the limit, you can fully rely on our expertise. The extremely high reaction speed of the STR.T makes sure of that. Are you fast enough?


The sporting motorist who wants nothing but the very best in road holding is offered a unique range of suspension kits by Koni. These consist of matching shock absorbers and lowering springs.

An adjustable lowering of up to 65mm; in combination with the externally adjustable damping give the car maximum tuneability for absolutely superb road holding and great looks.

The ride height adjustable kits have threaded bodies giving variable lowering by adjusting the spring seat height.

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