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11 Turbo Green Direct Induction Kit
Green Air Filters

£65.00 (incl. VAT @ 20%)

Part Number: P3-17
Product: 11 Turbo Green Direct Induction Kit
Brand: Renault
Car: 11 Turbo
Model: Turbo
Description: Generic picture shown.

Green Air Filters

Deep Pleats

Deep Pleats in the double layered cotton create a 10-20% increase in filtration surface area. This increase allows a greater volume of air to move more freely into the engine.

Good Fit

Green Cotton Air Filters flexible rubber frame offers an airtight and secure fit inside the air box. The filter moulds are created from an extensive library of factory air boxes which means that when you buy a Green Cotton Air Filter you can be sure it will fit just like the one from the factory, with no modifications necessary.

Precision Production

Most filters use a simple pressure moulded injection process to bond the perimeter rubber to the filter. This results in rubber seeping on to the filter surface, creating a barrier. This barrier can reduce surface area by up to 10-15% thus decreasing the amount of air flowing through the filter and reducing performance. Green Cotton Air Filters however use a more time consuming and precise production process that virtually eliminates rubber seepage on to the filter surface thus maximising air flow and increasing engine performance.