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Megane 250 Tarox 340mm Track Day 40 Groove Brake Kit

£975.50 (incl. VAT @ 20%)

Part Number: TAR1585G88-T
Product: Megane 250 Tarox 340mm Track Day 40 Groove Brake Kit
Brand: Renault
Car: Megane 250
Model: Renault Sport
Summary: This kit includes a pair of front brake discs and Corsa track day brake pads.

Description: Owners of the latest Renault Megane Coupe will be happy to know that Tarox now supply uprated discs that offer direct replacements to the OEM parts but, as you can expect from Tarox, with significantly greater performance and much less tendency to fade. Nothing increases driver confidence like a set of decent brakes, so if you want to increase safety and performance then these are the perfect upgrade.

G88 Brake Discs (40 Groove)

The G88 is probably the best known of all TAROX discs and the most instantly recognisable with its multiple radial grooves machined into the disc surface using custom made machinery.

These grooves are designed to generate a turbine effect which dissipates heat build up, allowing the discs to run cooler and reducing the possibility of warping, vibration or cracking.

All G88 discs are based on original equipment specification, TUV approved castings, heat treated for strength, hand finished to ensure the smoothest possible braking surface and now many applications are TÜV and ABE approved by the German KBA.

Corsa Brake Pads

The Corsa pad is a great all – round pad, and although primarily intended for track day use, the pads can also be used to great effect for fast road use on more powerful cars. Corsa pads are still effective from cold and therefore give maximum performance at all temperatures. The high coefficient of friction gives amazing levels of pedal feel and massive amounts of bite, yet they are not hard on discs like some track type pads.

Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 800°C, this pad has an optimum temperature range of 200°C to 600°C.

Coefficient of friction:
Cold 0.47
Hot 0.49